Reports Report 5382h (Event 5382-2020)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 5382-2020
NameJulia A
Experience Level2/5
RemarksDo you know how people felt in the Elizabethan era when they first observed a solar eclipse? That is likely how I felt. It was truly extraordinary. Oh, and I also want to report something very strange. About 15 minutes before this event, I heard a terribly loud noise, something like a jumbo jet heading towards my house. I was really frightened (and I don't frighten easily). I walked to the window, where I could see birds happily flying around the back yard. I thought that was strange, they should have been scared too. I was home alone. The sun had set at 6:48 pm, but there was still some light. I walked out into the street, hoping to see somebody and ask if they had heard the noise. I was still walking around, texting a neighbor, about to phone my husband, when I saw this fireball. It was definitely very bright but how can you compare it to the brightness of the sun, when it is comparatively so small? Hard for me to judge. Also, the other facts I reported were as best I could remember. I hope you get lots of other reports and you can make some conclusions. Could you write back to me and let me know? This was really exceptional! I felt goosebumps, it was such an emotional experience to have witnessed this event.
AddressCarson City, NV
Latitude39° 9' 37.84'' N (39.16°)
Longitude 119° 43' 8.39'' W (-119.72°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2020-09-26 19:15 PDT
UT Date & Time2020-09-27 02:15 UT
Moving directionFrom up left to down right
Descent Angle128°
Facing azimuth290°
First azimuth285°
First elevation45°
Last azimuth295°
Last elevation25°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-19
Concurrent Sound
Delayed Sound
Persistent train
Terminal flash
RemarksIt was like the most huge shooting star I have seen in my 60 years of life. There was some fragmentation. I used the compass on my phone to try to pinpoint the location. 39˚9'38" N 119˚43'9" W was my position and I saw it around 290˚ W. I am not sure of the time as I did not look at my watch, but within a few minutes of 19:15. I am sorry that I cannot remember exactly the details. It was extraordinary!