Reports Report 929bd (Event 929-2010)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 929-2010
NameSuzi D
Experience Level1/5
AddressGreensburg, PA
Latitude40° 18' 5.25'' N (40.3°)
Longitude 79° 32' 20.14'' W (-79.54°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2010-12-28 18:45 EST
UT Date & Time2010-12-28 23:45 UT
Moving directionFrom left to right
Descent Angle90°
Facing azimuth90°
First azimuth-1°
First elevation45°
Last azimuth-1°
Last elevation45°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude1
Colorbrilliant white / green g
Concurrent Sound
Delayed Sound
RemarksIt was silent and perfect.
Persistent train
RemarksPasted from my blog with whole experience: Not sure if anyone had a chance to be out looking at the sky last night, but around 7pm eastern time, I took my pup outdoors. As I am waiting for him, a bright light appeared, almost like a camera flashed right beside me. I turned around, and in the sky was this long path, that was lit up in the sky. It was not like a normal meteor that we are all so use to experiencing. This came from the heavens, and looked like it was being gravitated down to the earth, but that is only from where I was standing. It was headed from space (straight up), to east. It was a long white light that lasted about a good 10 seconds, so I had enough time to quickly observe it. It was bright white, piercingly bright, like the third picture in this image, and a ‘lime green’ cast to one side, sort of like this shade, but running all down one side. It was absolutely beautiful, breathtaking. I’ve never seen a meteor so large or brilliant as this before. The only thing that made this look so odd, was its width. It wasn’t thin, with a tail. It it appeared extra wide, maybe because of the perspective, but not to sound like a crazy woman, but the best way to describe what I saw, was that it resembled a ‘beam me up scotty’ look. Nothing was on the news about it, and it seems it may have gone unnoticed, though crazy at that size! Anyway, it was eerie but genuinely one of my coolest experiences. It wasn't like the typical head/ball with a tail. It looked rather tubular. On my blogpost, I shared pics that I researched on Google that it looked a little like: They are just missing that 'see through' tubular view, unless it was an optical illusion from my view. I just never seen anything so magnificent. Let us know if someone has a pic or video of it. Thanks!
Terminal flash
RemarksYes, extreme flash. No fragmentation.